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Montealto Cigar® In 1918, D. Ernesto Gonzalez Perez, considered the "Grandfather of Tabacco", founded on the island of La Palma what is today the oldest cigar factory in the Canaries. After nearly 100 years of uninterrupted activity,today we still manufacture our cigars with the same quality, aroma and tradition that our grandfather taught us. The careful manufacturing/elaboration of every single one of our cigars begins with the sowing of the extinct "Tabacco Breña Palmero" in our own plantation in Finca MONTEALTO ®, to its final elaboration, entirely handmade, under a centuries-old tradition which lets us create our unique cigars MONTEALTO ® Series GOLD SUPER PREMIUM Quality, 100% LONG FILLLER and 100% HAND MADE, and our great MONTEALTO ® Silver Series, 100% long and short filler exclusively handcrafted, one by one specifically for each client, and therefore sole and exclusive cigars, manufactured by the best tobacco masters of Europe's 3rd generation. The qualities of the MONTEALTO cigars are totally based on their craftmanship, starting from planting the tabacco in Montealto's own plantations to their elaboration, totally handmade, solely with the intervention of the wise hands of our tobacco masters who elaborate them with a knowledge transmitted from generation to generation and with almost 100 years of tradition.
THE BEST CIGARS IN EUROPE.These cigars are of great character and strength in their flavors, with constant and uniform shot and a flavor that surprises the world's best smokers.Entirely handmade in La Palma.